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We have a team passionate about Speedsoft that includes course managers, brand and company representatives, and most importantly, players who live and breathe Speedsoft. Everyone contributes their experience, knowledge and enthusiasm, enriching the community and the sport.


Responsible for Raptor Speedsoft Arena and Raptor Technology

Creator of Continental Rush

Responsible for Montiaventura and Airsoft Munda

Paintball Estepona Manager

Ecosport Granada Manager

LNS streaming director

Head of Cubysoft

Community manager LNS

Head of Cubysoft

Managers of C-Cube Airsoft Toledo

Responsible for Player Factory Paintball & Airsoft

Responsible for Paintball Alicante and Paintball León Puente Tocinos

LNS official photographer

Thank you for being part of this exciting adventure.

Together, we continue writing the history of Speedsoft in Spain and beyond.

Your opinion is important.

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