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Update on LNS Calendar for the 2024 Season

Updated: 6 days ago

The National Speedsoft League (LNS) has announced two significant changes to its calendar for the 2024 season, aimed at ensuring an optimal experience for its participants.

The first of these changes involves rescheduling the Ecosport Matchday for August. This decision is made to avoid scheduling conflicts, as the Valencia Fair will host of Continental Rush European Championship from July 5th to 7th. By moving the matchday to August, any overlap with this important international event is avoided, allowing LNS competitors to participate in both tournaments without scheduling conflicts.

The second significant change is the postponement of the CQB Toledo matchday, which will now take place in November. This modification is also based on the need to avoid overlaps with other important events and ensure maximum participation and attention for all teams and players involved in the League.

With this calendar update, the LNS ensures that each month has a scheduled matchday, without any coinciding with events of great relevance nationally and internationally. This allows participants to plan their season in advance and fully enjoy each competition without scheduling conflicts.


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